Why should you choose native platform for mobile app development?

With an increase in mobile app development Dubai, the global application market has topped to $106 billion (2018). This shows that devices and gadgets are becoming more and more advanced and require even powerful applications and features. Many software developers have to choose between cross platform and native mobile app development Dubai. However, ultimately comes down to the kind of app and its uses.

A native mobile app platform is one that fulfils the requirements of the operating system being used by using SDK including a primary technology stack. It also uses cameras, multiple sensors, memory and many other programs that are already installed on a device.

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On the other hand, cross platform applications like React native and Xamarin, developers can develop applications that consist of a 90% reusable codebase that uses a native user interface and multiple elements for control. It also has the functionality to access and comply with the human interface of a smartphone and other material design guidelines. Basically, there are 2 types of cross platform applications for mobile app development Dubai and these are

  • Native cross platform apps and
  • Hybrid apps

Although mobile app development Dubai is booming with more cross platform options, here is why we think native platforms for mobile app development are better and more efficient:

1.    Greater performance:

The first and very vital reason why native platforms are better is that it is created and customized for one specific platform. This is why the performance of the app soars. In addition to this, these apps are extremely fast and responsive because they are developed using main programming languages and APIs. This increases the apps efficient and response rate. It also increases load times as users navigate an app and use it frequently.

2.    Better security:

Mobile app development Dubai has increased the need for better privacy and higher security. Technically, we based applications depend on various browsers and programs such as Java and CSS. Giving your users with a native mobile application will ensure that they also get the best protection and reliability.

3.    Native apps have better interaction:

Because native platform apps run smoother, they tend to inherit their devices interfaces which makes them look like they are a part of the device. In addition, this enhances user experience and create a better functional flow. Users can interact with the app using their ow gestures and actions.

4.    Lesser bugs:

To ensure effective mobile app development Dubai, native platforms have lesser dependencies on bugs. This speeds up their development and developers who now use SDK that provide features to use the latest tech. this reduces wait time and developers get maximum control over the app as compared to hybrid apps that have an extra layer, they have no control over.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know all about the advantages of native platforms, DXB apps is here to help you. You can avail the best services for app development so contact us for further information and visit our website!

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